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The Royal Court Hotel (Yuhuayuan Jiudian) is conveniently situated on Middle Huaihai Road,  which hosts some of the hottest shopping malls and fashion boutiques in town. Only a 10-minute drive from The Bund,South Shanxi Road Metro Station and Nanjing Road.This 5-star Shanghai hotel combines European and Qing Dynasty styles giving guests the opportunity to stay in deluxe suites surrounded by private gardens.[View Detail]    

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  • e01542815
    There's nothing left to say, will also go to next time.
  • e01549257
    Hotel location is very good, equipment is outdated, especially towels old and shabby, and the hotel environment is not
  • clever
    Very good and next time stay
  • bopor
    Bathroom not clean enough
  • bjwan
    In Shanghai, the price of the lot is worthy of recommendation
  • danfer
    Center, travel is easy!
  • bobowengxing
    Value for money hotel with great ... Location is a little hard to find ... But feel comfortable
  • ciciguo
    1. bath no hot! hot of bath frozen have crept. 2. bed body not fixed, slightly a turn bed on series seat. 3. breakfast dish type monotone, and place serious enough, many people are is station with eat breakfast. 4. air conditioning or not open, or voice good big, fundamental can't sleep, in hot summer not open air conditioning sleep, wants to wants to also hot died has!
  • sungan
    Is located in the Center, surrounded by many shopping, historic buildings. As regards transport, very close to the Metro station is not, Line 1 line two lights, a 10-minute walk, Line 9 line, farther, a 12-minute walk. Old facilities, air conditioning system of a musty smell, sheets look did not seem to change. as standard, four-star price. Service is poor, we booked a suite, States that 4 people can stay, but there is a bed only 1.2 metres, live 4Individual. Hotel negotiations, extra beds, but additional fees. requirement 4 key card at the front desk, because we had 4 people, was unwilling to give this at other hotels is not a problem. All spare parts are 2, SOAP does not update, everything need to call. Breakfast compared price of 18 Yuan OK, just the color of ham look suspicious. Health generally, accommodated in a small room while the sheets looked crumpled, did not seem toChange. Hotel yard is small, entering or leaving any of the streets day and night, arriving in the evening must contact the hotel in advance, Huai Hai road can't get in.
  • e01270811
    Generally similar to the hostel. location
  • babysava
    Room design is not reasonable, very small, toilet door open against the toilet, the room is leaking, a waitress at the front desk was generous and Nice, the other fat woman! poor service attitude is the key! eat shit ugly!
  • mint73
    Small room, old equipment
  • aioros
    Elegant environment
  • maring
    Good location and convenient shopping
  • e00520640
    Located in the downtown area, shopping convenience, but eat not. older room facilities, decoration style Inn old. bathing water, adequate, but the General room amenities.
  • arnold62cn
    Room to a friend is located at Huai Hai road location very good the room facilities were good friends praise
  • jlj521
    Facilities are old and service
  • catson00
    Is from the company, other
  • e00033616
    Good, quiet room is a bit small
  • y86852128
    I'm back, temporary stay! the hotel facilities and the environment really is too general!
  • babyfoxs2011
    Hotel location is very convenient, located in downtown Huaihai lots, shopping eating convenient, Line 1 subway and on foot.
  • forever7608
    Room was very small, very poor
  • wungy
    Help colleagues book, nice
  • e03353767
    Very good, convenient
  • benben3
    Location should say is impeccable, the downtown Huaihai, eating and it's very convenient, Line 1 subway line to walk to.
  • e00159353
    Quiet, hygienic and convenient!
  • anny88
    Heart General
  • lijun8800
    The old modified partition room hotel, within the window, the window size is the exhaust fan vent size, no air conditioning, no hot water, and had a cold night ... Mattress is falling off, almost no sound insulation, 350 or so do not expect the price of price, even the standard rate, two days later, only stayed one night. and hot water facilities at this hotel reflect issues, said 'other guests in your room without saying what issues?!' Yes, that's rightService ... Not rated, because there is no need! this hotel may only advantage lies in the business district of lane ...
  • d3 South pian
    Air conditioning is too loud, with winds of only 1, 2 3 useless. bedside lights, must get out of bed to turn off. wall not soundproof. parking extra charge parking fee 40 Yuan to spend the night.
  • linda * a Lin
    Transport facilities, environment, worthy of recommendation. price is right.
  • iceblue_yan
    Older, cost-effective General, didn't like
  • Jiangwenting
    Location is very good, on Huaihai Zhong Road, in! hotel facilities are old, bathroom mildew smell was heavy, is not clean
  • Leo.D
    Location is very good, in Shanghai, the price is reasonable, but facilities in old, the walls are black, the worst thing for breakfast, nothing to eat
  • cmxgsl
    Good location very good in Huai Hai road
  • callum
    Good clean quiet good
  • Germam
    Hotel management, hotel amenities, hotel services, the surrounding environment, good
  • loosy_wu
    Sorry comment late, Hotel Nice, set himself between the two, and set between two friends, come more in time and want to come
  • addrr61
    Being close to the customer easy to clean very well
  • cooclg
    Helping friend, good location on Huaihai Road, in a quiet, will stay again.
  • finnyfeng
    Huaihai Road, good location, OK.,
  • bernielee
    Service needs improvement, Huai Hai Zhong Road Hotel is close to shopping within the community not noisy, nice, take a taxi to the Bund also was more than 10 blocks
  • goodsun
    Well worth staying
    Poor service to popcorn, front desk like an idiot
  • Gianet
    Very good location, but the decoration is too old.
  • boboluyi
    Go shopping around for dinner are very convenient, very quiet, traffic is convenient and the recommended
  • xiaoyi2015
    Quiet environment, live very comfortable, very convenient place
  • DavidWay
    Good location, very convenient location, convenient transportation, hotel room is compact, thoughtful front desk service, convenient location, elegant environment quiet, praise.
  • bye_utopia
    Room was much smaller than in the past, is said to be separated, and that prices should be lowered. in General, also is not and the rooms look like matches
  • loveyongminjie
    Twice, pretty good, but some is not very good. room quiet and suitable accommodation, not far out is commercial Street, shopping is not a problem, want to take a quiet, next time you go to that area can be booked to visit.
  • anneygym2008
    Good hotel, excellent location