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The Royal Court Hotel (Yuhuayuan Jiudian) is conveniently situated on Middle Huaihai Road,  which hosts some of the hottest shopping malls and fashion boutiques in town. Only a 10-minute drive from The Bund,South Shanxi Road Metro Station and Nanjing Road.This 5-star Shanghai hotel combines European and Qing Dynasty styles giving guests the opportunity to stay in deluxe suites surrounded by private gardens.[View Detail]    

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  • elaineblue1900
    Hotels in the Chinese Academy of social sciences, is quiet and felt safe. is Shanghai's Huaihai Zhong Road, high street, shopping is very convenient. room clean! recommended
  • e01549257
    Hotel location is very good, equipment is outdated, especially towels old and shabby, and the hotel environment is not
  • momoflying29
    In Shanghai's bustling downtown, but very quiet, very high cost performance, for this city.
  • adao506
    Location, convenience, facilities is old, smaller rooms, there is a wireless signal is too weak.
  • w53632840
    Hard to find ... No room and small facilities.
  • tianlang99
    The man at the front desk this morning, it is estimated that no medicine.
  • linda * a Lin
    Transport facilities, environment, worthy of recommendation. price is right.
  • dabei726
    A price of a stock. at 400 Yuan price, so be it. In the bathroom, had searched all over the place, can not find the switch. While the sheets are clean, but better quality of housing is limited, imagining the name of the Royal Court Hotel has a large gap.
  • subrina510
  • e00059827
  • emily_1020
    Room unable to connect to the front desk
  • lawsan102
    Hotel in community, seems Academy of social sciences inside, not is easy found, but around environment also good, is has family of feel, is old Shanghai, because on in Huaihai Road near. hotel facilities some old has, House also compared small, some mold taste, but WINS in price not is your, so price also good. recommended to Shanghai short travel or travel of friends consider staying.
  • vivian619
    In General, the room is too small, breakfast is too general! not recommended!
  • atlantise
    Room clean degrees to I expected of good. but last day morning to I found original put bags back has cigarette traces, feel is bad. addition room no hanging clothes of place and hanging hook, is not convenient. room shaan narrow, live one or two late also can, if took large travel box will no location put. advantages is environment very quiet, but locations is static in the with Mong Kok, to new world and iapm name Shop Mall there line step on can.
  • ll875646283
    The room looks a bit of a mess, overall okay
  • beanmum
    All right.
  • e00251633
    Although it is not new, but very clean, really just WiFi signal is not strong enough
  • cynicone
    In the downtown area, great rooms are too old
  • boboluyi
    Go shopping around for dinner are very convenient, very quiet, traffic is convenient and the recommended
  • guiping99
  • bopor
    Bathroom not clean enough
  • gattuso
    It's OK
  • bbncn
    It's not bad
  • melilime
    Excellent service, and convenient environment. reservation next time.
  • A leisurely
    Every time I go to the Shanghai hotel, convenient,
  • arnold62cn
    Room to a friend is located at Huai Hai road location very good the room facilities were good friends praise
  • beitc
    Feel the price is more expensive than our Wuxi!
  • fiona880321
    First night gave me no Windows are generally very old granny breakfast area is very small facilities are very very bad attitude a! I did politely ask napkin she is pretty much saying you fucking blind here! and asked most people snap out the breakfast voucher is like everyone is secretly
  • aoliao
    Location was very good.
  • babygenius
    Hotel in years too long before air conditioning loud enough around the large room divided into standard rooms, convenient
  • yunjiamail
    Bad waiter was bad, trash, I set of 4 room, small is no longer small, two bathroom, 2 rooms is for me, don't want to face, let the money I spent more than 4 rooms
  • egx2500561
    A man of poor attitude at the front desk, the room is too small, no window is not recommended
  • wlbug
    Self drive tours, parking and convenient transportation. for shopping. but the hotel is a bit old and the breakfast
  • dl20110119
    Really think pictures are deceiving, location in a yard, room flows, special old facilities, wear clothes to bed, too bad
  • byronroy
    Position slightly, find doors, drove around the hotels next to four rounds, older room, parking 40~50 Yuan a night.
  • daisyyu09
    Hotel is located in the city center, nice surroundings, hotel facilities are so old.
  • CS2038787363
    This place is I want to collapse, last had pledged not to come, but because of good location and convenience for work, there is really no way! last time to sleep until my aunt's quilt, this time, drawers have others to buy condoms, NIMA room blind?! Room sound insulation poor people understand, I haven't slept more than two points in the Middle, too noisy! was next door at six in the morning and blowing hair sound of wake, Oh, wake up there's a window without shade, were the brightWake up! everyone was awake to be scientifically based Baidu. to sum up this place they had with all my heart and alas, sorry no way
  • deluby1981
    Convenient, central air-conditioning a bit loud
  • goodjunge
    High performance-price ratio
  • e00146985
    Can also close places companies not too hard to find
  • dengjiewen
    Surrounding environment
  • april7814
    Order Executive big bed room, giving free upgrades to suites, rooms, facilities ... but in terms of specifications of the hotel price is too high, breakfast was rubbish, with Inns, sorry the price.
  • jinwenjin
    Nice breakfast not good
  • carrieyuli
    Turns out to be guest house. good location. other General.
  • tony0327
    Environment, very quiet. from the subway close and convenient.
  • carey
    10 minutes walk to South huangpi Road station, fairly convenient, noise is good, quiet at night, breakfast very average, very delicious.
  • ciciguo
    1. bath no hot! hot of bath frozen have crept. 2. bed body not fixed, slightly a turn bed on series seat. 3. breakfast dish type monotone, and place serious enough, many people are is station with eat breakfast. 4. air conditioning or not open, or voice good big, fundamental can't sleep, in hot summer not open air conditioning sleep, wants to wants to also hot died has!
  • A leisurely
    Hotel in the quiet inside the Academy of social sciences, adjacent to downtown Huaihai Road, surrounded by shops and snack a lot, shopping is very convenient, if you go around the temple, the Bund, people's square very close to catch a taxi, service was good.
  • lee1984
    Good, quiet,
  • wangjie929
    So disappointed